660751_tanzania 1) Always check the historical weather conditions. Is it the dry season? Is it the wet season? What animals will you see in both seasons? What clothing to do you need to bring as a result of the seasons? Always check from the tour operators website.

2) Check your visa requirements. Check the embassy in your country months before you leave. East Africa is not too hard to get into. Kenya for example can allow a visa for $50 USD upon entry. Please check with your local embassy to the countries you will enter.

3) Medical conditions – Please visit a travel doctor with requirements. Countries can vary, many require a yellow fever shot before you leave and some require malaria tablets before you leave and during your stay.

4) Check your tour company to check their meal plan. Are meals included?

5) Know the number of days you want to have the safari. Also have other activities in mind such as beach, shopping etc.

6) Travelling with Children –   Once we see that there are children present on your trip, we will do all we can to make your program as child-friendly as possible.

We can select child-friendly accommodations – this could mean anything from having a great pool, to huge rooms sleeping up to 04 persons, to plenty of space for running round after a long day of game driving.  We will plan a program which keeps transfer times to a minimum.  We can recommend special activities such as boat trips, hiking and following hunting tracks with bushmen – all great ways to spend some time outside of the safari vehicle.

The elderly people are also accepted in a safari – Safaris can be as active or as relaxed as you want them to be – we can offer a slow-paced “armchair safari”, and action-packed active safari, and everything in between. We can include accommodations more suitable for those who might not be so mobile.

7) Consider other optional Safari activities offered by us- i.e balloon safaris, flying safaris, walking safaris, Maasai village visit and many more activities.